Lake’s Guardians Philosophy of Training

Our philosophy of training is based on the balance between human and dog. We believe that dogs should be trained in a fair way, where everything that we ask for from the dog should be clear to him in black, and white. In training we use positive reinforcement and corrections with different kinds of training collars, depending on the results of the initial evaluation. Toys and food are what we use as rewards for the dog for a job well done.

We do not correct any dog for something that he is not 100 percent clear about. We are strongly against hitting the dogs, and we don’t believe in starving the dogs either. Our system has been developed using information from many years of experience and we are constantly making changes and improvements to better ourselves as trainers. Our training style is similar to the one used by German trainers but we add french influence which makes our training style quite unique and effective.

We believe in the pack structure and we use it. It helps to influence the dogs to change their behaviors when living in a human environment. We base our training on respect towards the animal, and never use our influence as a trainer to destroy the dogs spirit. To finalize, our dog training philosophy is to mold to the dogs needs and utilize his drive to achieve training in a happy and positive way while teaching the dog to be responsible for his actions.