How to use and size a prong collar

I use and recommend prong collars I think they are an amazing piece of equipment and contrary to other people’s opinions I think they are very humane you see the only downfall the prong collar has is that they look mean to the untrained eye. And this ignorance has made people think that they are inhumane. In comparison with the choke chain the corrections using the prong collars are a lot less aggressive physically and emotionally to the dog. The biggest problem with a prong collar is that people size it wrong and they use it to low on the neck. And in the wrong position it is completely ineffective. I normally recommend two sizes of prong collars (2.0mm small) and (3.0mm medium) the length can be adjusted to any size by adding addition links to the collar.

(2.0mm) Is used as a stronger correction in any size dog.

(3.0mm) is used as a mild correction in any size dog.

The 3.3 mm (large) I don’t recommend for any size dog because it is intended for other forms of training and is not as effective because the links are too large.

The correct sizing and placement for the prong collar

There are 2 ways to use the prong collar with the leash on the life ring

And the leash on the dead ring

The way to size a prong collar by adding extra links.

If a new trainer or handler has a problem putting on and taking off the prong collar they can use a quick release prong collar.


Things not to do with the prong collar,

never leave your prong collar on the dog when not in training

never leave the prong collar on while dog is in a crate or kennel

never sharpen the prongs

never use any prong collar that is not a German make or brand (herm. sprenger)

With a prong collar correctly sized is not necessary to pull the leash really hard to give a correction.