This section is dedicated to answer common questions about kennel, dog training, dog grooming and more.

Q.- My german shepherd is aggressive after being attacked by 4 dogs. Before this she was friendly towards other dogs. Fortunately she likes people. How can I solve this problem?
A.- The help of a professional trainer is needed in this situation the trainer should help you to socialize this dog with other dogs and turn the dramatic experience into something positive.

Q.- Up to how many puppies do german shepherds concieve?
A.- I have seen litters of up to 12 puppies. But there could be exceptions to this and in these cases most of the time the bitch will need a c section.

Q.- How many cups of dog food per day do you feed a german shepherd dog that is 6 years old (not in dog years)? We just got her.
A.- The quantity of food that you feed your dog depends on many factors environmental and genetics. Its not a set number of cups that you are required to feed you dog. The way to determine this is by looking at your dog and determining if he/she is under weight or over weight and adjusting the food little by little.

Q.- How soon can my 8 week old puppy start eating a complete dry mix food?
A.- At 8 weeks your puppy should already be eating dry food.

Q.- Can i have a german shepherd in an apartment without a yard?
A.- Yes, as long as you excersize properly and meet the needs of the dog. You will have a dog that is is stable in this environment.

Q.- I have have two male german shepherd pups, and we are having a dominance problem,they continue to fight, they have had a couple serious and viscious fights, not sure what to do?
A.- Sounds like these dogs are missing a pack leader you are supposed to be the pack leader and take charge I don’t recommend you to leave these dogs unattended by themselves.

Q.- Can you keep german shepherds outside?
A.- Yes and no, you should have your german shepherd outside as a part of his day and inside as well the more you isolate this dog from the family the more problem behaviors you will have.

Q.- Is 9 too old for a healthy, active German Shepherd male to breed for the first time?
A.- In my opinion yes, you will have to determine if this dog is worth breeding. I do not recommend breeding him at that age.

Q.- I have german shepherd puppy 6 month old and his height (size) is 19 inches to the shoulders, does that mean he is normal or is he shorter than the normal?
A.- At 6 months old we don’t know how tall this dog is going to be. It sounds like an average size to be at 6 months old.

Q.- I just go a german shepherd puppy she is 7 wks old. Is it too early to walk her and get her used to being next to me on the leash? Also how far is okay to walk her?
A.- Its ok to walk her on the leash with a flat collar, let her walk as much as she wants but do not force walking or running.

Q.- How old are german shepherd dogs when their ears normally start to stand?
A.- Between 8 weeks to 6 months.

Q.- At what age is a german shepherd dog full grown?
A.- When he/she reaches 2 years old.

Q.- My 18mth german sheperd screams when excited. She has always done this. Is it normal?
A.- Its normal, some dogs are very vocal, if you don’t like this behavior my suggestion is for you to work with a trainer.

Q.- I have a 10 month old german shepherd female, all off a sudden she has become very scared with pillows and if you pick a pillow up she’ll run yelping and somtimes even pee herself is this normal?
A.- That is not a normal behavior you will just have to work on making the pillow a positive thing for her. Desensitizing training is recommended to correct this behavior.

Q.- We just bought 2 white german shepherd puppies and their mother was black and tan and their father was all black. Can you tell me if they will keep there colour?
A.- Yes if they are white they will stay white.

Q.- Is a female German shepherd more protective of its owner than a male?
A.- Not necessarily gender has nothing to do with protective instinct.

Q.- I have a white long hair that sheds a lot I read that raw meat and bone help with that. If so, what kind of meats and bones should I be feeding him?
A.- I’m not very familiar with the raw diet you might have to ask your vet for further information about this matter. At this point of my experience I don’t recommend feeding raw meat and bones to your dog.

Q.- Any suggestions on preventing bloat? This is when the stomach becomes twisted and is fatal if not immediately treated. Shepherds being deep chested are at risk?
A.- Do not exercise your dog 1 hour before or after eating, make sure that your dog is not eating to fast and if that is the case use a special bowl to slow down the dogs eating. I have heard that it is good to raise the bowl from the floor while he/she is eating.

Q.- Is it normal for a 3 month old German Shepherd to show fear towords other dogs? He does very well with humans but if one would yell or made a sudden move he would be afraid. Will that attitude vanish once he becomes older?
A.- Not necessarily you have a dog that has soft nerves and desensitizing training is needed, but don’t force this dog into new situations or you will create more trauma.

Q.- Do german shepherds get along well with kids?
A.- Yes, German shepherds in general are excellent for kids as long as you don’t put a child that is less that 10 years old with a puppy, because kids have fragile skin and puppies have razor sharp teeth.

Q.- what are the common illnesses and diseases that occur to a German Shepherd pup in a month of age?
A.- Diarrhea is very common at that age.

Q.- Can I put 2 female German Shepherd Dogs with 1 male? Will they fight when they are in heat?
A.- I would not recommend you to have two females and one male without supervision together first of all because aggression can develop and because you will not have control of the breeding process.

Q.- If pregnant, how many weeks before they give birth?
A.- 8 weeks.

Q.- My partner can suffer from allergies. I believe German Shepherd Dogs can shed excessively, would it not be recommended to buy this breed? Do short haired German Shepherd Dogs shed less?
A.- It dosent make a difference in my opinion because all dogs produce pet dandruff which is the number 1 reason for allergies not the hair and that can be prevented with regular grooming done by a professional.

Q.- How long after birth should puppies start to walk?
A.- It varies, but I have seen puppies start walking at about 3 weeks of age.

Q.- Why is there a decline in docile temperament for German Shepherds around the country? I have heard it pertains to some issues in breeding that causes them to be fearful and to bite, is that true in your opinion?
A.- No, that is not true at Lake’s Guardians we breed German shepherds that are totally stable and I don’t believe we are the only ones in the country just look for a reputable breeder.

Q.- My 8 week old male German Shepherd puppy drinks tons of water and someone said limit it. I take it away two hours before bed, but during the day he can drink tons. Is this normal? If i’m suppose to limit it, then how much is too much or not enough?
A.- I disagree with controlling the water with a developing puppy, that can have irreparable damage to the kidneys, the only time of the day that I control the water is around 7PM until the next day.

Q.- I have a 6 month old blue German Shepherd puppy I’ve tried feeding her dry food adding a little bit of chicken or fish to encourage her to eat as she doesn’t eat anywhere near her quota .Can anyone suggest a different kind of diet for her?
A.- First of all I would recommend you get the assistance of your vet usually a treatment of vitamin B-12 is recommended also getting the help of a professional dog trainer to increase the dog’s food drive should together help to solve the problem.

Q.- I have an 8wk old German Shepherd puppy that just all of a sudden started limping and sometimes even falling over. The vet said he had a 50/50 chance of growing out of it but didn’t really explain. What is wrong with him?
A.- Sounds like its neurological but you are doing the right thing taking him to the vet he is the most qualified person to answer this question if one vet cannot pin point this problem get a second opinion.

Q.- I have a two and a half month old German Shepherd that only thinks about food. I want to know how to get him into shape like those police dogs, all muscle?
A.- Use his food drive as a positive reinforcement for training and if its possible for you take him swimming as often as you can. Swimming will be the only exercise I would recommend at this age because it is low impact on the skeletal system.

Q.- Is it a good idea to get a german sherpard that has been at another family for at least a year with no training but family doesn’t want her any more, I also have a yorkie that is an inside dog. Is it safe? Is it too late to start training?
A.- In this case its not to late to start training introduce the 2 dogs slowly and the pack instinct of the dog will help him to adjust to the new family with no problems, I would recommend you to use a professional dog trainer for the introduction of the two dogs.

Q.- My GSD is one and half year old. His size is 24 inches I want to know up to what age their growth takes place and whats steps should I take to make him strong and big?
A.- They will grow until they are 2 years old, regulations or increments in diet will help and exercise such as swimming are recommended.

Q.- I have 2 pugs, and now my husband wants to get a German Shepherd puppy. Their is a huge size difference when full grown. Will my pugs be safe in their own home?
A.- Yes, they will be safe as long as they socialize with the German shepherd puppy and as long as you fulfill your part as the pack leader.

Q.- Why is one of my sixteen week old german shepherd ears floppy?
A.- That is normal, the time that they will be upright varies. A supplement of glucosamine for dogs is recommended to help this process.